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Melissa Adair has been a Bigfoot enthusiast for 17 years. She was first introduced to field research in 2005 after attending an organized expedition in north Georgia. Shortly after attending the expedition, she became an investigator and actively conducted field research and helped organize expeditions with that group. Over the years, she became involved with other groups and has attended expeditions all over the country. 

Melissa founded the Bigfoot Chicks blog, Squatch Unlimited website, Squatch Unlimited Facebook Group, and was a writing consultant for "Skookum" the movie. She has appeared on numerous blogtalk radio and TV shows and was the Host on Squatch Unlimited Hangouts. She also wrote the numerous articles that were featured in the Bigfoot Chicks blog, and in less than a year, she propelled the blog into one of the top bigfoot blogs on the web. 

As a key part of the content on the blog, Melissa chose interesting stories from hundreds of historical newspaper articles that described encounters with large hairy 'Wild Men' alleged to be “Bigfoot creatures” or other cryptids. The articles spanned three centuries and dated as far back as 1700. Three to five of the ancient articles were released through the Bigfoot Chicks blog every week. 

Due to the success of the Bigfoot Chicks blog, she founded Squatch Unlimited to provide more resources for researchers and enthusiasts and to promote interest and learning about cryptozoology within the community. 

In addition to 17 years of field experience and numerous expeditions, Melissa has received tracker training, is a HAM radio operator, and an avid off-roader. When she is not out in the woods chasing after the unknown, she is a devoted wife, mother, musician, and business owner, and active in her business community.

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