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Blondes and Boos
Krista Michael Tweedy
Brandi Butcher

Blondes and Boos Paranormal Podcast

Blondes and Boos and Woo!


Blondes and Boos started in 2020 with Krista Tweedy and Erin Eck during the Covid lock down. We added Brandi Butcher to the mix in September of 2022. We are friends on the outside of the shows, and get together when we can. We are all based out of Missouri. Erin has recently stepped out to spend more time with her family.


We are friends who love to talk about all things weird. From ghosts, demons, bigfoot, UFO’s, aliens, metaphysics, dogman, and other cryptids. We have special guests on our shows, as well as sometimes it’s just the two of us. On Thursday evenings, we have our regular show, Blondes and Boos Paranormal Podcast. On Friday evenings, we are Blondes and Boos and the Woo! We have teamed up with Tex’s Front Porch and Bigfoot Michigan Rob. Since teaming up with them, our Friday evening shows have added a little “woo” to the mix, hence our Friday night name! 


We attend paranormal and cryptid conferences, and we have been speakers at several. We also hold public events at haunted locations to raise money for historical preservation. We actively go to and research at the Land Between the Lakes and the cryptids and ghosts that reside there.


We also help individuals with hauntings in their own homes. We do not charge for private cases, as we feel that sometimes people don’t have anywhere else to turn to for help. Sometimes it's just helping the client to understand that not all ghosts are bad.


Brandi travels all over the US ghost hunting, and Krista is a paranormal researcher who has studied demonology under Jereme Leonard, and prefers to help with private cases.

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