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Barton Nunnelly



Inhumanoid Researcher and Investigator; Barton Nunnelly, a self taught writer and artist, was born and raised in Henderson, Kentucky where he has spent decades searching the bottomlands of the Bluegrass State for evidence of its diverse natural mysteries. His wanderings have brought him face to face with such creatures as Bigfoot, water monsters, Black panthers, “out of place” wolves and other mysterious Inhumanoids including a “Thunderbird” in 1998; something no other living researcher can presently claim. 

His Inhumanoid art has appeared in numerous publications, including magazines and childrens books. He has appeared in documentary films and on several television networks, including the History Channel, the Travel Channel and the BBC. He spends his time writing books, feature films and walking the ancient creek beds in and around Henderson County with his wife, Latisha.

Founded “Brotherhood of the Wolf” in 2007. It consists of friends who have researched with Barton at the Land Between the Lakes. Some members include Martin Groves, Darrell Denton, The Blondes and Boos Paranormal Podcast, Hellbent Holler, Elijah and Gabby Henderson, Ron Morehead, as well as a few others.

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